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Originally Posted by drakul View Post
Yeah they took off their little beanies that they hardly wear. And you think that's equivalent to the CROSS? I believe in EQUALITY. That means the Jew should rip off his STAR OF DAVID from around his neck and throw it in the gutter!!! Same with the Muslim star and sickle. Hah. Fat chance. You will never ever see that. Not from TVP.
I've never seen any star and sickle necklaces on muslims- maybe the worry beads?
I couldn't care less tbh.

So what about this clearly Masonic EYE the video keeps showing? The eye the people are staring at as if hypnotised by it - and then acting as if under some kind of subliminal suggestion, the Christian takes of his cross and throws it in the gutter. What was the need for the EYE in the video? I notice you don't mention tha-aat. Talk about eyes wide shut. A major Masonic symbol PULSING right in your face, but you decide you can't see it?
Z0mg its an eye symbol so it must be the NWO!!!

Yaddah yaddah whatta WEAK response. Pah.
To a weak argument..not even an argument tbh, prima facie association.

Anyone who votes, who is authoritarian in nature and who pays taxes is supporting the NWO. Forget your stupid symbols, the ones that matter are in your wallet or rather much more importantly- in your mind.
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