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SCANDAL: Studies that prove the dangers of vaccines NEGLECTED by government and health officials
Sunday, February 24, 2019 by: Vicki Batts

Health agencies and other research groups have come under fire for cherry-picking data and even for committing fraud to advance the vaccine agenda. But a new report has blown the lid off a massive scandal — in which Public Health England, a core United Kingdom Department of Health and Social Care agency, deliberately failed to publicize the results of their research on vaccine safety.

In fact, it turns out over 50 percent of the researchers involved with the clinical trials never even reported their results. Perhaps they weren’t happy with the outcomes and thought they could just memory-hole the truth, as the CDC did with its MMR research.
Vaccine safety testing gets memory-holed

Public Health England (PHE) is in serious hot water for failing to register their vaccine trial results with EU Clinical Trials Register (EUCTR).

As the Telegraph reports, PHE’s withholding of results makes it “impossible” to know if vaccines are safe or not. The government agency’s failure isn’t just alarming; it’s a legal violation. PHE is legally required to register their findings with EUCTR so the scientific community can examine the outcomes.

The largest of the suppressed PHE vaccine trials featured 640 children. Kids were selected at random to be injected with a new meningococcal and whooping cough booster shot. Many hundreds of children were used as test subjects in three risky clinical trials headed up by the government.

And, after all those parents consented to letting their children be used as guinea pigs, PHE never even shared the results. The trials reportedly wrapped up some time in 2016. By law, the findings should have been registered with EUCRT within twelve months — which means PHE is now two years behind.

Many experts are angry with the PHE’s abuse of public trust, with some even saying the failure is beyond understanding.

Dr. Ben Goldacre, the Oxford academic credited with revealing PHE’s failure, told The Sunday Telegraph, that the omission of vaccine data was “incomprehensible.”

“When patients participate they take a risk with their own health. We have to respect their contribution by publishing the results properly. If we don’t, that is a betrayal of trust,” he stated further.

Goldacre’s statements ring true for all scientific studies regarding vaccines — and yet, suppression of truth seems to be the norm when it comes to vaccine science.
Suppressing vaccine science

Unfortunately, PHE’s withholding of information is not the first instance of fraud or censorship in the vaccine industry. As Natural Health 365 reports, compliance with EUCRT standards has been low across the EU.
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