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Originally Posted by mranderson View Post
the democratic countries are the least racist countries in the whole world

they have done the most for the rights of the individual compared to any other system

they have done the most for the rights of children , women , visible minorities ( as opposed to invisible minorities who are really the least thought about group on the planet )

so , before you consider what bigotry really looks like , take a visit to a non democratic country and then let's talk

bigots and racists all over this planet and the majority of them are not Caucasians

truth hurts I know
wtf i said right wingers. these days I won't even say I am british i might say that i grew up in london but I have been away from uk a long time. the ones i meet abroad don't generally impress. they are antisocial, elitist and ignorant. get real if they were so great this website wouldn't exist and since you lot are leaving europe you can't exactly speak for europeans. i'd sooner hang out with an american or a spaniard or a german. leaving uk you get some perspective and it is hard to tell if it was always this bad or if it has gotten worse certainly seems like it has gotton worse and i have seen the right wingers elsewhere aswell poisoning people against foreigners and how they fall under the spell of the propaganda. it isn't even about race it is about nationality otherwise it wouldn't have effected me being as I am white and ukip wouldn't have been targetting europeans and making plans to do deals with 3rd world countries. soon youll be rid of europeans and get to have all the "bigots and racists" from "all over this planet" instead. maybe some more of those south african racists and the australian bigots for example. tel aviv will be landing on your door step along with more police state technology and I here the brits have got close ties with saudi arabia and nigeria. the only reason I could see for supporting brexit was to isolate contagion like cutting off a cancerous growth although probably they could do less harm kept inside.

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