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Technically, liberal means to be for free market, for capitalism, for private property and for free speech, also for sexual freedom or whatever in private life without damaging others. At least, this is the meaning in Italy. In Italy you can have liberal right and center, that are for free market, free capitalism overall. And a current oriencted to both the free capitalism and absolute freedom for sex, laicity, light drug; they are called "radicals", I believe they are like the American libertarians. There is the center left that is for free capitalism, for freedom in certain flieds of private life, but against freedom speech.
Reguard extreme left, all against capitalism, one part is liberal for things like drugs and sex, one part instead is bigot.

However, problems of my life are others, leftiest or "SJW" and so on are things I don't care. I hate State, politicians, capitalism, religions and also common citizens.
In Italy I believe that populists are much more than "leftiests" or how you call them, because the population is very elder. Populists are very annoying, they are always with the same arguments and risk to bring the teme of migrants also talking about the night, the sea etc. About "regressive left" I don't know because there is not it in my area; instead it is full of "dontcarests" (I don't know the correct noun in english), surely the wisest position in absence of a genuine anti-bourgeois rebellion.

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