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Originally Posted by decode reality View Post
I'm guessing you're saying something like this: If you know yourself, you know that the real power is you.

And once you start to know who you are, you understand that 'the enemy' is as much the enemy within as it as outside.

If people only focus on 'knowing the enemy' - and the anti nwo info seems to emphasise that - they are still ignorant of their own power. Not only that, it makes people overlook the fact that given the chance/circumstance, they wouldn't be as upright and righteous as they might think.

Example: If you removed the police force right now, corrupt as many of them are, you would have chaos and lawlessness. People would run riot, stealing, looting, raping (not that they aren't doing a lot of this WITH a police force/legal system anyway!)

Just imagine then, if the big bad "elite" (the 'World Police') were 'removed'...if you think people would run riot if they knew there was no police force....?!

So it's not simply about 'let's get rid of the globalists, the corrupt bankers etc etc' and hey presto, paradise. If only it were so simple.
A good post DR and a perspective of someone living within the current and feared system.

Is there more good than evil today, I doub't that very much, at first we might have a momentary run of chaos as you said, but good is always seen to overcome the evil within us all, it costs much more in energy and patience to use the longer kinder route than it does to take the easy way out.

We are fast approaching a time in evolution like many times before where the current system so corrupt is going to be looked upon as no worse than the same alternative system without overall rule by another, so where do we go from here, stay as we are in corruption or enter the fray in an equally lawless corrupt society.

We are actually living in both today, some parts are definately manufactured by the way we all walk on childerick or allowed to happen in order of creating great confusion, to prevent those who would look for the main creators of such a system and deal with them accordingly.

The latter would get rid of the upper echellon who would be far less secure behind their castle walls, everyone can run away but eventually be found and in that system of lawlessness would be quickly despached, all their ill gotten gains would be shared out amongst the remaining lesser evil.

Gated communities, greed, gulability, are all part and parcel of the whole, those kind of people will turn a blind eye to almost everything because its not effecting them but what they do to each other really effects our whole.

Could we see our way into helping these people who want to help themselves to anothers fortune, the same fortune that we helped them recieve or will we see past the shiny carrotts of unsane gate keepers and follow another piper, the selfish piper from within.

At the end of my fury moment my riddle here, I will say this, if you do not help those who have been blinded in the past, pass on that knowledge with the ones who are now opening their third eye, nothing will ever change.

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