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I'm not sure what your saying counteracts itself. The reason there is fear is due to the duality that was created during 3rd density incarnation, along with linearity of time and our scale of emotions. If you study the Tree of life you will find it is a representation of natural forces that exist by default spiltting infinitly upon themselves creating Everything that is and could be. The natural forces are shown metapohrically with the Earth Water Wind, Fire and Aether. The Gods and Archtypes of the ancients do exist! They are simply The purer less blended aspect of the One existing in higher densities. An example of these forces would be existince, the Earth force of the first split. This exististince is then broken down by the 5 forces. Sensation would be the earth of existince. Sensation is then broken down by the 5 forces creating the 5 senses. Touch would be the Earth of sensation. Taste the Water of sensation. Smell the Air of sensation. Sight, Fire and sound, Aether.

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