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Originally Posted by ganjai View Post
It seems that most of you are aware of what you call the "Matrix of reality". However, most seem to ignore the core fundamentals. You are the only Creator of your Universe. I am simply an expression/perspective of you and vice versa. If one were to completely heal themselves, the entire earth would be healed. Enlightened individuals are simply the enlightened aspects of yourself and are not "truly healed" because they coexist with their negative aspects. We are God, dreaming. exploring himself by duality. splitting consciousness and subconsciousness so that he may conciously walk inside himself (literally!) The corrupt leaders you fear, are simply the corrupt parts of yourself. I will admit that some of these more negative aspects may seem to be superimposed onto us, because they are. However, we incarnated well aware of this. In fact, we chose to be incarnated into limitation so that we could truly know freedom. In able for us to fulfill our destiny of transcending this limitation we must not give it power by focusing on it with fear! An example would be Someone thinking to themselves, "Don't mess up, Don't mess up..." and then messes up. His focus was messing up when it should have been success. "succeed, succeed..." My plea to you is to remember this and when facing your problems such as the government control, be positive in your focus. Focus on the free world you wish to live in, for the mirror will not smile for you.
"Earth is a tough school, so we thank you" Bashar (Future incarnation of ourselves from the 4th density, what we would call Extra terrestrial)
To fear is to fear because it is already there formed by another or in what your saying ourselves so one counteracts the other and doesn't exist, thus we have nothing to fear, is this what your saying .

My plea to you or was that me is to do for myself and not to reley upon you or was that everybody, this whole statement counteracts itself so doesn't exist, or would you like to explain what doesn't make scense.
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