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Originally Posted by mcmenek1 View Post
Hi 2013,

I initially ordered 2.5kg but soon got through that so I ordered another 2.5kg, it depends on how much orgonite you want to make, start off with 2.5kg and see how you get on, it has a three month self life so you don't want to buy more than you is a messy process the resin gets everywhere, you need to have everything you need to hand, the important thing is to get your resin & hardener mix right, too much hardener and the orgonite will crack, not enough hardener and the orgonite wont set, use a syringe to add your hardener......

For the pyramid I used one double terminated quartz crystal and four single terminated quartz crystals see this video for the method of construction.....

No I haven't thought of selling any I'm just happy to make my own at the moment as it can be quite time consuming to make, I used 8oz Martini glasses for the triangles (HHGs).....

Thanks for the info will check out the video link .
I used 8oz Martini glasses for the triangles
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