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Originally Posted by old_stag View Post
Went for a long walk through central Scotland a couple of days ago. Wandered along the old Union Canal from Falkirk then followed the Forth estuary for a while. It was really quiet, I only met a handful of walkers and cyclists.
Parts of the canal are so peaceful, away from the road and bustle, as the old industrial arteries are forgotten and nature begins to reclaim the land.
The ground was covered in tiny little frogs, I had to watch my step as I didn't want to crush them. Ducks and ducklings floated casually on the still waters and I saw rabbits, deer, coots and more. It seemed like the whole of nature was just chilling out on a sunny day.
I don't know what the little guy in the second picture is, any ideas?

I think he's a field vole, very cute looking wee beastie,

It's lovely when nature reclaims the land and is not long in doing so.
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