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Of all the big issues affecting or indirectly affecting people (whether important or meaningless), the issue of CCTV and internet surveillance being used to spy and monitor people just does not register in the minds of the general public, and nor is the subject ever voiced. You can have the public talk about Trump, Brexit, dodgy politicians, illegal wars, etc, but the surveillance state debate (and all the other interrelated crap that goes with it, like using the excuse of crime and terrorism to strip away more and more of everyone's privacy and freedom's) is non existent. How can anybody not notice the insane amount of CCTV cameras everywhere in the UK?, everywhere from the airport, to the high street, schools, etc. Is it fair that every aspect of your day, especially when with family and friends, is recorded and monitored?. And every private and personal conversations via email are also monitored?. It's outrageous.

I kinda get the impression that the reason people don't talk about these concerns I'd because they don't quite accept the true reality of the extent of the surveillance. People see one or two cameras dotted around the place, but don't realise it is far, far more widespread and intrusive than what they think.

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