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Default Project Indect

It appears that Big Brother in the European Union “respects” the privacy of its subjects about as good as in the USA. I like to share what I’ve found about “Project Indect”.
Please note that all of these sites don’t seem to understand how mobile phones are used to spy on us all.

The surveillance system, known as Project Indect of the European Union (EU), collects information by way of “continuous monitoring” of “web sites, discussion forums, usenet groups, file servers, p2p networks [and] individual computer systems”. It will also use CCTV feeds and other surveillance methods to develop models of “suspicious behaviour” by analyzing the pitch of people’s voices as well as “the way their bodies move”.
The following text was found on the official website for Indect: "Our focus is on novel techniques for word sense induction, entity resolution, relationship mining, social network analysis [and] sentiment analysis".
Its main objective will be the “automatic detection of threats and abnormal behavior or violence”:
And what would be considered strange behaviour? Reading a real book, keeping a handwritten agenda (instead of the agenda on your phone) or leaving your mobile phone when you leave your house. Reading this thread will certainly be suspicious.
Indect has started the SSIX platform that acquires language resources for Sentiment Analysis:

Project Indect is part of the Joint Situation Centre (SitCen) that was originally established to monitor and assess worldwide events and situations on a 24-hour basis with a focus on potential crisis regions, terrorism and WMD-proliferation. To make it all so very democratic nobody seems to know what SitCen is up to.
SitCen is in turn part of EU Intelligence and Situation Centre (EU INTCEN) that has its roots in the European Security and Defence Policy of 1999.
Since 2007 INTCEN is part of the Single Intelligence Analysis Capacity (SIAC), which combines civilian intelligence (EU INTCEN) and military intelligence (EUMS Intelligence Directorate):

In 1999, the BBC made information from the Australian government public that "As you would expect there are a large amount of radio communications floating around in the atmosphere, and agencies such as DSD collect those communications in the interests of their national security".
The GSM network functions on microwaves that are floating around and if by chance internet traffic is sent wireless, they can record all that information (this cannot be a violation of privacy can it; when it’s just floating in the air?).
This information is then shared with the US National Security Agency (NSA) at Fort Mead in Maryland, and Britain's GCHQ:

We have been told that security cameras are used to prevent and solve crimes. It has been admitted by the British Metropolitan Police that “For every 1,000 cameras in London, less than one crime is solved per year”:

I found an interesting comparison between the 1984 that George Orwell described and how we are watched in the 21th century. The following are some descriptions about reality.
All information accessed through the internet is stored on countless hard drives in large information centres and distributed via broadband, satellite, and cellular connections. Anything done on the internet can never be permanently deleted.
Every time you “Accept to these terms and conditions”, you are allowing that source to any of the information it specified.
The Facebook app uses the devices’ camera and microphone at any time to gather pictures and sounds.
Police can hack into your phone's microphone to listen in on conversations:
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