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Default Big Brother knows everything – GSM

Most people must have seen movies or series were a police informer spies on some “bad” criminals, by wearing a “wiretap”. You must have realised that a mobile phone contains everything needed to pick up what is said?
Do you have any idea how somebody can call you on your phone, if they don’t know what the nearest GSM-antenna is?
I have never understood that people do not mind being spied upon. If for example the Nazis wouldn’t have known who the Jews were, they couldn’t have deported them to the concentration camps.
One of the main reasons Big Brother wants to know what’s going on, is to verify that the brainwashing of the slaves is working (and how it needs to be adjusted).

You could look at it financially: as a rule of thumb old technology is cheaper than new.
If I want my (old) house telephone connected I pay at least 12.50 per month. I pay administrative costs of 35 euro to get connected, need to buy a telephone and pay for each conversation (0.13/0.26 euro per minute plus starting costs of 0.06 euro per call).
I can get a cell phone for 3.95 euro per month (the cheapest new one I could get) for 2 years, with 50 minutes and 50 SMS-messages a month included (I can even listen to and make photos). I pay additional for postage and administrative costs of 23.90 euro and had to buy a memory card to make pictures (including cardreader for 15 euro).
If I would call 30 minutes in 8 telephone conversations per month for two years. With my (old) house telephone (0.20 euro per minute): 491 euro. With my (new) cell phone: 134 euro (including new telephone, memory card, camera, music player and games).
George Orwell described that in 1984 everywhere telescreens were hanging both to spy on the population and to spy on them. Hasn’t anybody figured out that this proves that they want you to walk around with your cell phone?

When I search for navigation apps for a mobile phone, they claim that these use the GPS, but in reality nothing else than the Global System for Monitoring (GSM) is needed to locate your mobile phone. I hardly can believe that you don’t even realise that when you use your phone for navigation, they know your location.
In 2001 I talked with a computer programmer working for a telephone company, that told me that he was working on an application that could compute the location of a mobile phone, by analysing the data from the 3 GSM-antennas closest to the mobile phone. I didn’t ask him how, but following is a method that could be used (maybe they’ve invented a more elegant way to do this).
The closest GSM-antenna (A) can simply send a signal to the phone, the phone replies “immediately”. It is known how fast microwaves travel (the speed of light is 300,000 km/s in vacuum) and it’s also known how fast the mobile phone replies. From this you can immediately calculate the distance r(A) from the phone to the closest antenna A. When you know the distance r(A), it’s fairly easy to compute the longer distances - r(B) and r(C) - to the 2 antennas (B, C) that are reached at a later time by the reply signal the phone sends (simply add the additional time it takes to reach antennas B and C, multiplied by the speed, to r(A)).
When you know the distances r(A), r(B) and r(C) to the closest 3 GSM-antennas you can visualise this as 3 sphere with radius r(A), r(B), r(C) around antennas A, B, C, which makes a single point.
For an example I’ve calculated it with a Phone (position: x, y, z), I use the notation ^2 for square. I choose for the location of the 3 nearest antennas: A (0, 0, 0), B (500, 0, 50), C (0, 500, 50).
1. r(A)^2 = x^2 + y^2 + z^2
2. r(B)^2 = (500 - x)^2 + y^2 + (50 – z)^2
3. r(C)^2 = x^2 + (500 - y)^2 + (50 – z)^2

Now substitute ((50 - z) ^2 from) 3. in equation 2., to get:
r(B)^2 - r(C)^2 = (500 - x)^2 + y^2 - x^2 - (500 – y)^2
<-> 4. y = x + [r(B)^2 - r(C)^2]/1000

Now substitute (y^2 from) 1. in equation 2., to get:
r(B)^2 - r(A)^2 = (500 - x)^2 - x^2 - z^2 + (50 – z)^2
<-> 5: z = -10 * x + 2525 + [r(A)^2 - r(B)^2]/100

Now substitute the formulas for y and z (4. and 5.) into the above formula 1., to get:
r(A)^2 = x^2 + { x + [r(B)^2 - r(C)^2]/1000**^2 + {-10*x + 2525 + [r(A)^2 - r(B)^2]/100**^2
<-> 6: 0 = 102*x^2 + {[101*r(B)^2 - r(C)^2 – 100* r(A)^2]/500 - 50500** * x + 6375625 + [101* r(B)^4 + r(C)^4 + 100* r(A)^4 – 2* r(C)^2* r(B)^2 – 200* r(B)^2*r(A)^2] / 1000000 + 49.5*r(A)^2 – 50.5* r(B)^2

For an example I will choose a position for the mobile phone: (100, 75, 15).
I would first get the distances to A, B, C: r(A)^2 = 15850; r(B)^2 = 166850; r(C)^2 = 191850

By inserting this in formula 4.: 0 = A*x^2 + B*x + C
A = 102; B = -20350; C = 1015000

Using the ABC-formula
x1, x2 = {-B +/- SQRT[B^2 – 4 * A * C]** / 2 * A
I get: x1, x2 = 100, 99.5
There must be some way to determine that only 100 is correct, if I insert x = 100 into formulas 4. and 5. I get the right answers: y = 75 and z = 15 (x, y, x = 100, 75, 15).
So this is proof that GSM-antennas can be used the determine somebody’s location.

When you’re dealing with computers, there’s no such thing as private or secret information. Computers decide based on authorisation if you can view information. The secret police simply needs a profile with sufficient authority to view information stored on computers (this is most easily achieved if everybody uses the same operating systems, like Microsoft and Linux).
In 1997 the FBI started using the Carnivore system, later renamed to DCS1000, to spy the internet, using data mining techniques. Ironically by the time Carnivore was officially stopped the FBI had for 2 years been using other custom built systems:
Seen from a computer technology point of view the most difficult part is not the getting access to the information, but that’s analysing the data. When you hear for example that Edward Snowden was a hacker, this is not the difficult part in spying on the population.
Whenever you hear about physically bugging a phone: this is nonsense, they tap the central server for information from the phones.

There are even commercially available apps for the cell phone, so employers can spy on their slaves and little brothers can spy on their loved ones:
In 2001 the Israeli companies AMDOCS and Comverse Infosys were suspected of spying on the American police. AMDOCS makes the bills for most of the American telephone companies. Comverse Infosys supplies the American government, with automatic tapping equipment. In 2001 it became clear that Comverse Infosys created a backdoor so they could tap in on the telephone information.
The investigation was simply stopped (while the spying has continued):

IAO of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is MUCH more ADVANCED than Carnivore:
Because the IAO prevents terrorism and doesn’t know who the (future) terrorists are, - to be on the safe side - they spy on everybody. There have been outcries in the USA, that this is a violation of constitutional rights. The government simply told us, they stopped financing the IAO (and continued the program by a different name) and only spy on other countries (of course Americans wouldn’t mind if other countries are spied upon).
The IAO gathers all information in one giant database, including analysis of friends, family, hobbies and medical history, and uses data mining techniques to classify everybody by a danger level (1 for a good patriot and 10 for a dangerous terrorist that must be eliminated ASAP). There are nice features like: speech to text transcription, translating languages and predicting future events. IAO even helps the people in charge to make decisions and let these be carried out.
I even know how the face of Big Brother looks. It’s the all seeing eye on top of the pyramid in the logo of IAO.

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