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Originally Posted by 1 2 free View Post
Great video. Some info on Julia Middleton....

Here's a video of her talking about her book and some mp3s below it.
Interesting find. Notice that all she is talking about is top-down control, but with the attempt of creating a sort of network structure among the 'leaders'. Any form of grassroot networking is totally absent in her presentation. At least in the video. I will check out the mp3s now...

I listened to a bit of the first audio. More of the same thing, such as the man saying: "It's the only way in my view" talking about having leaders that people will follow. Again, a total absence of any real organically grown networking structure. Still this rigid and strictly hierarchical top-down control. The problem with this is that you cannot create any meaningful form of networking structure by creating a hive-mind 'consensus' as they are talking about in the audio. Powerful networking structures have to be developed through other means than solely by rigid plans and agendas. A strategy for how to cultivate and organically grow a network structure can be created using the old kind of planning with agendas and so on and so forth, yet the growth of the network has to come bottom-up, not through a hive-mind consensus artificially manufactured by leaders, but by individuals themselves participating on a freedom and integrity basis. An example of a better network structure is the Ron Paul campaign. Even if Ron Paul doesn't get far when it comes to getting mainstream media to support him, and thus not having any real chances of getting elected as president, the Ron Paul movement has already shown the great potential of the different kind of power achieved by an organically grown network structure.

He he. I just sent this comment to Common Purpose's representative in Sweden. It will be interesting to see if she will reply... :-)

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