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1843 - Corporal Mark Wright GC..

He completed 3 tours in Northern Ireland within 3 years, and was Number One in a mortar detachment by 2003..He was deployed to Iraq with his battalion in May 2003..Back in the UK, he was promoted to corporal..He became a Mortar Fire Controller, and was deployed to Helmand Province with his battalion in May 2006..On 6 September 2006, Wright was on routine patrol in the region of Kajaki in Helmand Province..He is then handed an old pair of drawers which he puts on; the left leg is rolled up above the knee..

The noise of explosion had echoed all around..

In October 2008 an inquest into the deaths of Wright (Born 22 April 1979) and other personnel involved in the incident heard further details of the circumstances..A platoon commander had heard from American private security contractors that there were mines in the area, and passed that information on; however, the map used by the troops still showed it as being clear of hazards..The first soldier to trigger a mine was Corporal Stuart Hale..This was reported to (then) Lieutenant Colonel Stuart TooTal, commanding officer of 3 PARA at the time..He requested a Blackhawk helicopter from the joint helicopter base in Kandahar, officers there were reluctant to send a helicopter because of the risk of further mines being present..When bomb-disposal officers told Tootal that it could take 12 hours to clear the mines, he decided to send a British Chinook to attempt a Rescue..

Apocalypse Now Trailer - France 26 September 1979..

France - 6 September 2006 - A Few Days in September imagines a scenario in which an American C.I.A. agent, Elliot, with advance intelligence about the attacks on New York's World Trade Center - This helicopter was not equipped with a winch, so would have to touch down at least its two back wheels to pick the men up..Sergeant Stuart Pearson attempted to clear sufficient area for the helicopter to touchdown, but as he rejoined the rest of the platoon, he triggered a further mine, causing further casualties..The helicopter then arrived and touched down successfully, but the soldiers were now unwilling to risk further detonations, and refused to move toward it..As the helicopter took off again, Wright triggered a further mine, possibly because he, or some equipment, was moved by the downdraft or other effect of the helicopter..3 soldiers had lost legs, and 4 had other serious injuries..Wright, himself wounded in the arm, neck and chest crawled across the minefield to administer morphine and other first aid measures to his comrades..Two Blackhawk helicopters finally arrived to extract the men, and Wright died in one of these en route to Camp Bastion..I've seen horrors..horrors that you've seen..Tootal believes that the additional casualties could have been avoided if a Blackhawk had been despatched in the first instance..In this buil,ding it's either kill or be killed..You make no friends in the pits and you take no prisoners..It is written... am I?..In the village..What do you want?..Information..Do you remember that missing boot Watson?..Whose side are you on?..That would be telling...We want information... information... information!..I remember when I was with Special Forces..seems a thousand centuries ago..Special delivery..Sign your number here, Number 6...

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