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also see extensive list of weather warfare patents.

Proportedly Icelands volcanic eruptions and Slovenias ice destroyed forests were weather warfare along with many other countries floods, volcanoes, tsunamis, droughts, forest fires, etc.

The patents on weather warfare technology suggest there is a profit being made from weather warfare.

Maybe reptilian possessed hold the patents.

And God controls the reptilians.

When a tsunami hit one island, many reporters said the island hit with the tsunami was a global hotbed of child pedofilia and child sex slavery, islanders had been selling their own children into sex slave rings for the equivalent of 50 USD.

A reptilian type promoted a Roger Waters song:
What God wants God gets
God wants a shoe factory called Taiwan

Imo reptilians worship a different god, its name is satan.

Creating a flood, etc in a dreamscape requires projection capacity.

As Bill Bennet proportedly said to Kathy O'Brian: "We make our thoughts, your thoughts"

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