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Originally Posted by phreaky View Post
If you zoom in to the edge of the carpet to the right of the queen the carpet looks distorted like something has been edited out, badly. The red edge to the carpet is straight, but the inner white and gold lines aren't. Unless they're buying factory seconds from DFS I'd expect those lines to be parallel.
Well spotted.

The Queen's shadow just below the distorted area must have been photoshopped
in because she isn't really standing on that carpet; the photo is a digital composite:

That doesn't explain the shoddy airbrushing job you've pointed out though, because the Queen's outline has been blended with the background
shot well enough to make her presence there seem perfectly natural, meaning a lot of care and skill went into creating this image and such a
mistake with the carpet would surely have been corrected...

...unless it was intentional.

It is directly beneath the Mystery Figure and I get the feeling there is some kind of symbolism at work with the legs reflected in the mirrored
panel of the ornate wall cabinet, though have no idea what it might be.

I hadn't noticed until just now that the reflected legs are wearing high-heeled shoes.

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