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Originally Posted by mountain View Post
Great finds, Size! And wonderful to see you back! <3
Originally Posted by yass View Post
Good show, good example! (@They Live!) Keep it up SOL and ditto glad to see you back with us. I hope you're rested up good.

I'm gonna say it (ahead) because I never know when you're gonna be leaving until you've gone:

Take your time going but hurry back!

Right back at ya, ladies!


Originally Posted by mountain View Post
I admit, this has to be the creepiest thread I have seen!

I just hope that folks would take the time to skim through all of the revelations that was made about not just the one portrait of the Queen, but the many others. Alarming just how much time and detail they put into their surroundings that are connected to occult knowledge.
Speaking of creepy, here are some self-portraits by Cecil - 'close friend of the Queen Mother' - Beaton,
the photographer Annie Leibovitz admitted she was trying to emulate when she created this:

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