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Default Gang Stalking - proof is whats needed

How Many genuine Ti's have joined forums only to find they feel more confused than before they joined. How many people have joined forums only for other members to jump on them straight away saying things like exposure is the only to stop gang stalking. yet for all there members and all there exposure nothing as been achieved only false hope and fraustration. Many forums concentrate on electronice torture saying things like it must be banned but the truth is unless you actually catch them doint it how can you prove its happening, even if you had burns on your body becasue of EH try going to the doctors and tell him the perps did it and see what he's reaction is, you would be locked up so quick your feet wouldnt touch the ground. So the forum members will try to get you to give all your private information like when the attacks started who do you think is doing it and why. some even ask you to describe your symptoms in detail because after all exposure will stop it ..wont it! The truth is only things that are proveable will be reconized by the police and any other information will be used against you especcally if it sounds crazy. The members of the forum will give you links to stalking websites and supply links to other conspiracies as well so any one that views the forum will think its just abunch of nutters that should be locked up. They give you these links for two reasons 1. is to make you paranoid - the more you know about gang stalking the more you will become paranoid esspeccally if one of those things that the web sites happen to mention happens to you. 2> because once you get in to one conspiracie it will lead you in to others im not saying some of these aint true but you get what im saying. So now for example you believe in Gang stalking you also believe in mind control and Eh weapons and you maybe believe a conspiracie or two. so you go back to the forum you write about what you have read exposing yourself as someone that in the eyes of the world is crazy and its all on the forum as proof. remember there aim is to make you in to a Paranoid schitsaphrenic or at make you seem like one and fill you with fear so always be polite never accuse unless your 150% sure someones guilty and you can prove it And act as though you dont care about them, its only your perception of the world thats gonna get you locked up or in a mental hospital especcally if you decide to write about it.

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