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Originally Posted by deca View Post
also Fear is the mind killer and effects your rational thought.
Being gangstalked must put you in a state of perpetual fear and this is not good for you rational thought or critical Analyzing.

Also be aware of fear mongering from other gangstalked TI`s who`s ability to think rationally or critical Analysis is severally effected.

try to overcome your fears with out endangering your safety or freedoms, That does not mean you Face up and accuse your gangstalkers but rather you ignore them and live your life and don`t let them limit it.
Maybe you will find they are not "gangstalkers" but your "fear" makes you believe they are, I have found this out may time, especally at work were the fear and technology wanted me to believe my work mates were out to get me, I overcome this and enjoy there company now ok.
your thoughts whilst being true in some parts seem to imply a victim's imagination are a major part of the gang stalking phenomenon. seems to me that's more of a perps way of thinking. are you trying to say its all in the imagination and therefore a mental condition...where have i heard that before?. I doubt your really being gangs stalked and in your case i would put it down to a mental condition. of course fear is a big part of what they do or want to achieve ....yet you say you can trust your work mates .....sorry i don't trust anyone who says they are gang stalked yet trust there work mates. that's not how gang stalking works. One of the common features i have noticed in the past is the lengths gang stalkers will go to cause paranoia in fact the further they go the less the victim will be believed by third parties that it is happening to them if he choses to speak about it. Many forums i have visited are so obviously infected with perps that distribute false or misleading information its quite sickening. you can see through the lies of someone that pretends to be gang stalked because there lies stand out like a like a cancer amongst healthy tissue. Many people do have different symptoms but the basics are still there..isolation and paranoia none of which can be achieved by having good and trust worthy work mates

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