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Originally Posted by ninjashoes View Post

I do also feel that isolation and paranoia are elements that the homepage seems to want to cultivate.

"everyone around you is a character pretending"

well yes most people are fake as hell but it doesn't mean they are all in some sort of hive mind..

eg. I sort mail parcels for work, hundreds n thousands of them.. Is this all part of some fake process completely faked to suck me in? think of the logistics that would take.. Countering that I mean ultimately going to that gnostic view, this whole reality could be designed to suck you in, but then that gnostic view needs to be balanced with the hermetic laws which seem to have some traction..

also saying you have no idea.. that could be the point as well potentially to just dumb found someone and have their mind a labyrinth of riddles n tricks.. leaving them unable to perceive anything else but nonsense

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