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Originally Posted by toonboy View Post
This isnt spam from the North East tourist board

I've recently just noticed some stuff so blatant in our city... seem to me to be a bit beyond coincidence.

Taking a walk from the west of the river Tyne you come to the Sage building which has 3 pyramid glass windows.

This is right next to a bridge which is a large eye. The millenium eye bridge.

Just another hop east to the left of the Pitcher & Piano bar is a sculpture called Swirl Pavilion which is globe surrounded by a cage.

Next to this sculpture is another called the Blacksmiths Needle. Which apparently "comprises of six layers, each layer with objects relating to the senses including what was describes as 'the mysterious sixth sense'. "

There used to be a big white building called Spilliers Wharf a little further east, it had 'HOPE' graffiti in big black letters along the top. Magnificent & inspiring, if only for the graphiti, better than any of the regeneration ones including the baltic. It was pulled down recently.

A few miles South of the quayside there is also the Angel of the North, which has been likened to Nazi iconography / bombers wings. Gateshead is one of the largest Jewish communities in the uk so i gather.

1. Whats the crack with Newcastle / The north East or is there stuff like this in other cities (i dont travel much) ?

2. If Newcastle is some kind of special place for the NWO (or whatever) has anyone more info on it? Or where would i start to do some research?

The only thing i think i can add to this is that our water supply has fluoride in still although im not well up on who's hasnt(!). Oh and of course that most these things have been funded by the Lottery or European Union.
I don know about newcastle being a special place for the new world order! LOL!!!!!! It does seem likely that your water is fluoridated to keep the poor quite though, If you live in the north east area, the best thing you can do is try to let people know the dangers of fluoride in your water. If one person decides to refuse to pay your water charges on the basis of it being polluted with poisens, it wont make a difference, you need EVERYONE to stand up and refuse to pay. As for the pictures you just posted, i dont really see any connection, sorryy
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