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Originally Posted by iamawaveofthesea View Post
if trump were truely indie one thing he could do is get all those black and mexican men who have been imprisoned over bullshit charges such as relating to marijuana possession and dealing and let them out of the prisons

Let those men go back to their communities, give them responsible jobs and the self esteem that goes with it and let them be fathers and husbands and active contributers to the REAL economy of production and consumption and you'll see the whole of society right itself again


and the hateful jewish feminists be damned
Ha Trump will do no such thing.

He has promised "law and order" and more "stop and frisk"

He will continue the police was on black America.

Why hasn't Trump addressed the confederate flag waving racist white guy who killed 2 police recently ? If they were killed by so called "BLM activists" he would be getting arthritis from all of his tweets, and he'd be making news conferences.

Anyways Trump is a police state and unwarranted spying guy. He told us this already.
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