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The country run by a bunch of crooks and louts elected by a masonic style secret ballot...we are well and truly up the Swany without a paddle..

Prospective new members are proposed by a current member and then subjected to a club vote. This is all done in secret. You can be "put up" and blackballed and never be any the wiser. The first a new bug knows about it is when his rooms are invaded (ideally, via the window) and ceremonially trashed by way of initiation ("they overturned some of my flower pots," recalls my source). The financial costs run to the outfit, which at close to £2,000 is safely beyond most student overdrafts. There have been rumours of wealthier members paying an annual stipend of up to £10,000. And then there's the budget for a Bullingdon beano, a fairly open-ended prospect depending on champagne consumption and collateral damage reparations. Not that this matters much in practice. If you can't afford to be in the Bullingdon, you're extremely unlikely to be asked to join in the first place.

The photo they want to hide..

''Media control is still based in the main on cultural manipulation. It's just so easy to do. When you set up one set of objectives toward the public and you've given them a certain definition for each code word, you hit them with the various code words and they're not going to believe anything if you don't want them to." Bowie
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