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Originally Posted by zsymon View Post
The idea that everything is an illusion, is an illusion.

We don't live in a matrix.. reality is quite real, physicality is quite solid, there is nothing illusory about it.

Time is not an illusion either, time is what makes the physical Universe so important, as it is the only way
to evolve, learn and grow as an immortal soul. Time may be curved and not always equally fast, but it is
linear, one event following another, there are moments, & these moments allow us to live in the present,
which in turn allows us to learn, evolve and grow. We are born, we die and return to heaven, and then if
we choose to, we are reborn, and everyone always chooses to be reborn sooner or later.
I was watching this recently....

Courtney Brown's theory on remote viewing and multiple universes

and tonight I was watching something about fractals. It's possible you can use fractal mathematics to express the multiple-universes/time branches model as an infinite branching out of possibilities from the time of creation. But of course I have no background on any of this so just a thought.
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