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Originally Posted by kiolm View Post
Here's my fumbling try at your dream.....The hooded dude means hiding, Fear of the unknown.....The record player means round and round endlessly. At 6 you feared the unknown and not getting to the end of things. No finality.

Playing the record fast or slow will only end up in the same place.....Going round in circles. That's what you feared at 6......Never getting answers or completion. Never getting to a place where the record player doesn't cause stress and pain and angst.

Coal means money. Wealth. Surplus......Evidently your mind needs money fast and lot's of it to feel safe.

My guess is at that age you were in a state of mind that was very worried about money. Maybe your Mom was having perceived troubles financially and you picked up on it?
Thanks for that explanation. It does make sense.
However I was from a fairly wealthy family home and not until age 11 did my mother become poor when our father left us to live with another woman
and her kids. He moved to a large house in a posh area and we moved to a tiny house in a bad area.
Things are different these days for women.
So as far as a premonition goes that would have been spot on which makes it even earier.

At age 6 they were happy together - a couple of my friends lived in slightly larger houses than me but I wasn't caring about money back then.
Ironically at age 12 my mother married a coal miner and we went through the miners strike living on hand outs from neighbours...freaky if that was also a premonition...

Going from being rich to poor helped me to grow spiritually I feel. I don't just appreciate what I have more I also have a sense of calm
inside knowing I am able to survive without any money.

I always thought of it as a message about time and it bothered me - so thanks for the different perspective.
'Maybe I'm dreaming. My eyes are open, which means maybe I'm awake dreaming that I'm asleep. Or, or more likely, I'm asleep dreaming that I'm awake wondering if I'm dreaming' - Phillipe.

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