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Originally Posted by kiolm View Post
Ahh Dude I could talk for hours and I type with two fingers.

Let me tell you what I believe. Bottom line. All that matters is how you treat others and the bonds you make.
Why is that all that matters ? Is it just a belief or a fact pointing to where ?


Rule number One.......Truth is defined as the recognition of reality.

2.....A contradiction can't exist.

3........If a contradiction appears to exist, Your premise is wrong.

That's all you need for logical thinking. But keep in mind all you see, read, hear, is just perception and not reality.
That's a human logic. I used to blindly follow that 1,2,3 in the past. Now I know that something contradictory do exists and our understanding begins to reveal that the realm of contradictory existence is wider. Maybe we are beginning to understand the God's logic; something may exist regardless of human logic.
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