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Default 21st May 2017

2Hr Video

04:00 SP's health
06:00 british election ...trump not NWO...corbin not NWO
10:05 Chemtrails ..negative entities escaping planet under cover of chemtrails, CERN is defeated
14:00 "25,000 reptilians have left the planet
15:00 clinton foundation ... FBI call hillary the antichrist
18:05 Oil russia iran syria independent of rothschilds ...titanic ..
21:50 trump wants to abolish fed ..possible economic collapse between july and october , if none "the bad guys have won"


26:30 is batman a rep archetype? , based on a vampire.
31:05 what happens when you die
35:20 blood screening of newborn babies
41:30 connecting with plants trees
47:40 Flat earth , dome earth

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