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Default Jade Goody & Shilpa Shetty


When all the controversy broke out regarding the racism row between Jade Goody and Shilpa Shetty I was as surprised as anyone at the extent of the reaction to the row, it wasn’t just a country wide reaction but an international reaction. Was this a natural reaction to the racism row or were there hidden forces at work manipulating the reaction to this event.

I started getting suspicious when the Freemason Gordon Brown turned up in Bollywood at just the right time to give the row an international dimension; Bollywood is of course the place where Shilpa Shetty made her name acting.

Jade Goody is the sort of person who speaks before she thinks and was therefore bound to say something that could be seized upon to drive a racism row, were “The Powers That Be” waiting in the wings for Jade Goody to slip up. “The Powers That Be” are masters at manipulating public opinion......the hidden hand working through various channels .......the media....the TV News.....the freemason politicians voicing their disgust right on cue .... the staged protests in India......the Big Brother sponsors pulling out.......I can hear you say ah what about the thousands of phone complaints from the public!......well I’m sure some of the phone complaints were genuine, those sort of reality TV programs often receive complaints from the public, as for the rest of the phone complaints I’m sure it wouldn’t be too difficult for “The Powers That Be” to arrange for their subordinates to ring in and complain to add weight to the row.

When Jade Goody was in the Big Brother diary room crying her eyes out when she realised the controversy the row had caused in the outside world.......the Big Brother narrator made a point of telling the TV audience that Jade Goody had been in the diary room for 33 I decided to check out the vibration of the names. The vibration of Jade is 11, the vibration of Goody is 3 and the vibration of Shilpa is 11

Jade = 11
Shilpa = 11
Goody = 3
Time in diary room = 33

Was this racism row manufacture by “The Powers That Be” to capture the public’s attention so they could be subconsciously programmed with the vibration frequencies of 3, 33, and 11 attached to negativity? My intuition tells me that it was.

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