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Exclamation Third Hand News.

The Power of 9 is indeed 3. George amonts to 3 by the action of george
came 9X11= 99. The Red Devils (Man United) Came from Newton Heath, (Teeth) were first named the Heathens. By the Power and the Glory (Glory Glory Man United) Man will Unite against Evil with the help of the third man and his Spirit Level. The word Manchester is the name 2000 years ago that the Romens gave, it means Man's Camp and is why they left. The book of Numbers and The book of Names hold much power. 23 was a film which dealt with what you have wrote. The Red Cross and the day is when the meek will march in number to claim the Earth. The Gamble should not be placed on lucky 7. Nor should they remain at six's and sevens. Put your heads on 6and 7 eigth. The size of your head 144,000 is the Petition you need to take back the BBC. Time and Tide wait for no man; Sign Father His Son and The Holy Spirits.
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