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not sure about the one meal a day but think this is fairly good video otherwise. The big salad is good and the fruit. avoid bread cooked food etc. I think if you are eating some fruits and veg thru the day it is ok as long as it is not all sticky. it is amazing how much energy there is in fruit like watermelon and that is not going to be hard on the digestive system. almost like fasting. i feel the same tho as cara a real good salad is so delicious. course this is what some of the mainstream vegetarians and vegans say they don't like which is ridiculous. you have to like salad to be vegan imo. think it helps if you take stuff out of the fridge early so it is not so cold. cold fruits and veg is not so tasty imo. eating raw is pretty amasing like you will notice that beer is cooked and even taste the metal from the distiller or what ever it is called maybe made of brass or something.

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