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Originally Posted by yoyoinmyhead View Post
I have posted about this before, but I strong believe that this regimine we have developed of what is effectively destroying the bodies natural oils was developed by the nazis and jesuits, you can see that wherever washing of cutting of hair is done, there are mindless drones that commit atrocious acts of violence.

I am very tired and don't want to go into detail but I am positive, and please check my previous posts to find a detailed summary of my ideas on this topic, I am positive that we are not supposed to wash our hair, not are we supposed to cut it.

I think the natural oils in our body reflect radio waves or something. I'm sure I have heard this before, and it ties in with the tin foil hat theory. (tin reflects bad radio waves).

for anyone that has this problem, try sleeping with a thick tin foil hat on your head, I know it sounds stupid but please try it. I'm sure the technology is based upon radio waves so there must be some easy way of stopping it.

MKULTRA was funded by Ashkenazim jews and supported by Nazi pederasts -CIA...

If you're tired, does not have to burping the shit you eat here. As if I care about your situation...
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