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Interesting video from a talk at a MUFON conference ... It's important to recognize the transformation that has occurred in these UFO organisations over recent years ... Two decades ago they would deal with pictures and sightings of UFOs , abductee stories , etc .... Now they have been taken over by the conspiracy SSP movement .. they all know about the reptilians , and the infiltration of the government , because SSP naturally leads to the cabal and Icke type material .. this has awoken a massive amount of people to the truth about the control system ... people who were really only interested in UFOs !

Sure ... beyond doubt this is all happening ...

The cabal monitor all children , those with talents or intelligence get taken off world , press ganged into the SSP .... we have to face the truth that the surface population are the reject dullards ...

Peopled by geniuses the breakaway civilization has advanced at breathtaking speed , helped by trading humans for tech with ETs ....

This off world civilization is about to be reunited with the surface population as the cabal collapses, it will transform our world beyond imagination ...

It's very easy to this all keep secret , it's all off world , to return to Earth you have to travel by SSP craft or portals .. they X-ray every mm of your body to prevent evidence escaping ...

But you don't have to believe , just read it as a very entertaining Si-Fi story , then you will at least have a head start when it does all come out in the media ....

Cos beyond doubt it will be on the news within our lifetimes.

This is the time of Revelation , the unveiling of all previously hidden truths

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