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Originally Posted by iamawaveofthesea View Post
you first have to determine what a 'jew' is; we had a massive thread on this already!

Some people will say that being a jew is purely a religious thing whilst others will tell you that it is tied to zionist nationalism; then others will say that ashkenazis are 'jewish' regardless of their religious beliefs!

Part of the problem we are all having....which going by the recent 'anti-semitism' fuss in the labour camp in the UK is not just an issue for the conspiracy world but also for the mainstream as well, is that no one has pinned down what it is to be a 'jew'

How can anyone discuss something without any consensus?
Regardless of how you define it.

This is still a false narrative "That Jews run the world"

The people giving us this narrative are THE ELITES. They are attempting to halt further exploration into the conspiracy and want final conclusions to be made based upon this false flag narrative.
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