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Originally Posted by jaychurchforrest View Post
So this seems to be the biggest problem to the whole reptilian theory. They could have taken over by now if they wanted to, when they 'created' us. As such this disproves the idea that reptilians are involved or else it disproves the idea that we are somehow a test tube creation of theirs. I am open to the ideas of Icke, but I do believe some are not explained properly in his book and there are massive issues relating to how the story joins up.

Yes, there is a conspiracy, at the very least, Capitalism its self is 1, a conspiring of the rich to stay rich, yes, there is a hell of a lot of proof that the world wars and finacial crisis have been engineered. Yes, Israel is the modern day Nazi Germany, yes, Satanism might be behind a lot of the evil in the world.

No, religion is not serpent worship, I feel better when I go to church, I do not feel drained in any form. I do believe in Jesus Christ also. I do believe he existed and I do believe he was a miracle worker. I believe he is an example for people to follow. I do not believe people should wait for his return though, like Bob Marley said, "you should look for yours on earth" rather than in heaven. Paradise on earth can be acheived. Religion does not have to be a divisive way to do this. I am a catholic and I have often got on with muslims. I feel between non extremists who are religious, as well as non religious non extremists, people do feel they have a lot in common and this is what will save the world.

I let you in a secret...i feel better when i go to church...without it i'd probably be dead by now...i would have collapsed and committed suicide long husband noticed the strength and many physical healing si got from it and return to worship. Now he is the one who encourages me to get up when i feel tired he says:"lets go to the eucharist" and it means everything to me.
Healing of my body, mind and soul, a moment of absolute peace and long lasting peace on a different level, a link with the mystery of life and a power overwhelming me from within which enables me to go on day after day. I have also seen a change in my husband; so peaceful, so geneorours ans so much more gentle than he used to be.
I fear humans who do not have this inner gift of peace.
i feel sorry for them for they have no idea what treasure there is within the church. Christ is everything to us in themidst of the evils and vulgarities of this world and by the way we are Catholics!
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