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Originally Posted by jaychurchforrest View Post
I am on page 274 of Human Race Get Off Your Knees and I am thinking about all the chapters all the time while I am reading. Whilst I am enjoying the book one question has came to my mind though.

Why did the reptilians not impose their NWO when they were engineering the DNA of current humans? Surely this makes the most sense?

Note. People who are going to say reptiles don't exist etc etc, don't waste your time, I have heard it all before, I will examine the evidence myself thank you. Answers from people who have studied much of Icke's work would be greatly appreciated.
From what I understood, is that David icke didn't say that "They" created us, but as in "tampered" with our DNA,, because they had advanced knowledge and technology, perhaps?

I personally don't believe that they created us, if they had they would be controlling us from day one.

And they certainly don't need to be sneaky.

They will manifest themselves and have no reason in remaining in the shadows.
I know that there are other entities who have greater powers but they are not our enemies.

Take for instance if we consider what we know as "Angels" they are in and out of this world, but they don't interfere in human's business.
No I don't believe they created us.
Knowledge requires wisdom
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