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Originally Posted by jaychurchforrest View Post
I am on page 274 of Human Race Get Off Your Knees and I am thinking about all the chapters all the time while I am reading. Whilst I am enjoying the book one question has came to my mind though.

Why did the reptilians not impose their NWO when they were engineering the DNA of current humans? Surely this makes the most sense?

Note. People who are going to say reptiles don't exist etc etc, don't waste your time, I have heard it all before, I will examine the evidence myself thank you. Answers from people who have studied much of Icke's work would be greatly appreciated.
In hindsight, I have always grown the most during the times which were the most challenging. Ifthis world is a place where we learn through the experience of life, then it is possible that the agents of control and fear are actually serving a higher purpose (whether they know it or not), and ultimate enslavement has never been on the agenda.

I've wondered about this a lot and there are moments in history that always niggle. For example, if Hitler had focussed on the RAF for a bit longer and crippled them, in 1940, the Nazis could have invaded. The juggernaut was rolling but, it got to the Channel, it just stopped. With Britain occupied, there would have been no easy way for the North American military/industrial might to have been brought to Europe. America was still deeply opposed to spilling American blood on foreign soil and Europe would have seemed a long way away. Hitler would have been able to bring his full weight to bear upon the Soviets, who, with the North Atlantic now in German control, would have not been so well supplied with weaponary, giving him a greater chance of success. Once the Nazis had secured all that mineral wealth, would they have considered Europe, North Africa and the Soviet Union sufficient Lebensraum?

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