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Originally Posted by jaychurchforrest View Post
According to Icke, the Reptilians are lazy, so playing with us would probably not be of interest to them when they have very real goals to acheive. Goals that could have been achieved quite comfortably by now if Icke's version of events is true.

Moving on to Alex collier, DNA royalty, have you looked in the mirror? When I look in the mirror and when I look at other people, I see evolved monkeys. When I look at the behaviour of people around the world, People sticking a stick up Gaddifi's arse, Gaddifi ruling the people of Libya unjustly, the illegal wars by the US and UK, NAZI Israel, and the election of the Tories in England during a banking crisis even though the Tory party are EVEN MORE in the pockets of the banks than the Labour party, which was actually quite difficult to achive. A large number of human beings are hopeless. With the rest not much better, and I include myself in that. We all have many flaws.
Lazy enough to impose a nwo?

Well according to Collier the DNA that is royalty has not yet been accessed.

Evolved monkey's? That's a bit rough, guess we'll have to agree to disagree there.

Libya had the best living conditions in Africa under Gaddafi, guess that's unjust though.

I feel sorry for you mate, sounds like you've got the burden of the worlds humanity on your shoulders. Humans are amazing creatures of conscious mind and body. Sure we have flaws but that's how we learn to make things better. You say a large number of humans are hopeless but you don't choose we're you're born and into what family. And there are many examples of people coming from 'hopeless' families that go on to do great things for the world. Glass is half full mate.
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