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Thumbs up engineered by different types of ETs

Originally Posted by jaychurchforrest View Post
I am on page 274 of Human Race Get Off Your Knees and I am thinking about all the chapters all the time while I am reading. Whilst I am enjoying the book one question has came to my mind though.

Why did the reptilians not impose their NWO when they were engineering the DNA of current humans? Surely this makes the most sense?

Note. People who are going to say reptiles don't exist etc etc, don't waste your time, I have heard it all before, I will examine the evidence myself thank you. Answers from people who have studied much of Icke's work would be greatly appreciated.

I like your question...
Because they were in Sumeia...some too in Egypst...however...NOT NOT in the rest of the World
Must NOT get muddle with the WE ALL ORIGINATE FROM THE GARDEN OF EDEN....rubbish;...
people's of the world are all different...
I let you work out the lignages...
However i do believe this significant...that they who evr "htey" are want us to believe that we are all from the same plwe...hence if "we" the people of slavery discover one day "line now" for instance that we are engineered by ETs or Reptilians...we believe than we have "all reptilian" what not DNA inus...However
the thinggy backfires when you find out that...THERE ARE DIFFERENT TYPES OF ETs...thi is hence the answer...i am not from Sumeria...LUCIe found by Yves Coppens is African from near Egypt in Sumeria...He was a kind of big ape...Not really human yet...she was used to make Adam & Eve? maybe?!
What about then Chinese they don't originate from Adma é& Eve the first genetically manipulated poeple bythe rpetilian ETs!
No they were not. Their manipulators their Gods were Dragons from the skies.
The American Indians were manipulated or their women got pregnatn through beautiful men from the sky!!!!!!Yep! Here we are!!!
We are NOT all engieered by the same ETs...Thank the good Gods!!!!!!!
Do you realize how people put all ETs in the same bag...NOT FAIR IS IT?
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