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There a number of MPs in the UK Parliament campaigning for a one world government

Traitors in the House

The All-Party Parliamentary Group for World Governance was founded by Henry Charles Usborne (1909-1996), who was a British Labour politician who defected to the Liberals.

In addition to his work as a constituency MP Henry Usborne was one of the main drivers in the British branch of the World Federalist Movement. In 1947, ahead of the foundation of the United Nations, he co-founded the Parliamentary Group for World Government, which as All Party Parliamentary Group for World Governance (APPGWG) counts today (2008) 167 members and meets regularly to provide a forum for debate on global governance issues in the UK Parliament. In 1951 Henry Usborne set up the One World Trust as an independent educational Charity to provide secretarial support to the Group, promote and disseminate knowledge on world governance.
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