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Question Who are the Zionists?

As shown by David Icke's and others videos we now know that most average Jews are NOT Zionists nor do they even agree with Zionists ideology or propaganda. So who are these Zionists?

A little research points toward 2 possible origins for these despicable bastards!
1. They are originally Khazars from ancient Turkey and their control of money and banking systems would suggest they had much in common with the Phoenicians of the same area.
2. They are originally from Ur (Mesopotamia) as was Abrim (later called Abraham) and were probably the high priests and money-lenders/historians of that capital. It is also true that Jews today are not in fact Semites but rather Edomites as specified by Josephus 120 BC and the book of Isaiah.

I'll need to research this further to come to more concrete conclusions. Curiously, this research has led to the revelation that the British royal family are originally from this area. White people did first appear in the Caucasus Mountains of Georgia and it is known that the Sax-Coburgs were originally Jewish but of which sect I haven't determined as yet.
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