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Originally Posted by size_of_light View Post
Are you totally mad?

In the last ten years clothes felt 1000 times better to wear?

How fucking uncomfortable were you in clothes in the 1990s?????
I admit I was more uncomfortable in 80's clothes than 90's clothes. Too tight and shoulder pads and a certain posture had to maintained so everything would present precisely. Glad those days are over for my age group.

Pity the young folks - you're still stuck with that - Lol!! - if you wish to present a successful appearance, that is...but why bother, you won't be able get a job flippin' burgers.

But I know high end age boomers who still hold a strict, corporate, appearance policy (very muscular calves from decades of high heels); they refuse to retire, or can't. Me, I just don't care anymore. What care I once held has been sucked away.
"If you see your face is dirty in the mirror, do you wash the mirror?"

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