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Default Inspiration

Due to a victim finding strength and appreciating my efforts - here is an update. Inspiration is like a virus - a good type of virus.

(Insert victim name here) - I am pleased to learn that you have found this ongoing thread to be of help. When I first engaged in the opportunity that was before me - I had no idea where it would lead me or what I would encounter. A lady stated to me: Even if you only help one person, you did good.

Fast forward all these years later and it becomes evident that my actions have assisted quite a few people. Victims and witnesses have been helped and the Underground Following has been there in their 'unseen' ways. The Visible Following have been amazing as well. I could not continue if I was on my own.

These are some of the main difficulties I see as obstacles (to eventually be removed):

There is no Child Abuse Whistleblower Legislation so I continue with the knowledge that it can be the actions of one person who can make that change. I hear you - We don't need more legislation but we live in a paradigm that relies on legislation so we work with what we know - yes/no/maybe?

The legislation that is in place for Child Abuse can be circumvented. My actions have shown that the system will work but those who circumvent the administrative and legal protocols need to be brought to account.

Educating People is problematic in that people bring Children into this world but don't have any idea about the legislation that is in place. Sadly people who become involved with the Police and Family Courts et cetera are usually law abiding citizens. It is only when they are plunged into the 'system' that they learn how the 'system' works.

Most difficult obstacle for me as a recognised Child Abuse Whistleblower is that I simply cannot share everything with the public.Simply put: When information and evidence is shared with the public, it lessens or even completely removes the option to place the information and evidence before a court. As an example it becomes a huge problem to select Jurors. When people have seen too much before a trial - then it removes the opportunity to examine the information and evidence in a completely proper manner. I think about this dilemma a lot and there is a way around it - I just have to engage in Critical Thought and the answer will become evident.

There are many other issues and aspects to be considered but those are the core three - at least from my perspective. I was having a particularly frustrating day early on in my current and ongoing Child Abuse Whistleblower journey and mentioned my frustration to a member of the Underground Following. I was thinking that with an instruction manual or a guidebook of some type I might not be so frustrated about how to proceed and move forward. Without a moments hesitation - the member of the Underground Following stated: Maybe that's the legacy you'll leave.

So - whatever it is that I do and with whatever my actions bring about I would like to think that Educating People about Child Abuse will be a part of that legacy. When we don't understand a subject any subject, how can we learn? No matter how painful it is, I take steps to move forward everyday. Everything I do is based on legal research and my conscience.

Thank You to Everyone who is engaged with learning about the horrific subject of Child Abuse. I will continue to encourage Everyone to continue learning no matter how painful. We can move through this and into a better place.

When We Fail To Protect Children - We Fail To Have A Future. I will continue to be a voice for all Children - Until They Find Their Own.

Much Respect - Amanda
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