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Default Child Abuse Concerns - Addressed by NSW Police Commissioner

So far this year, three not unrelated issues have been addressed by the NSW Police Commissioner. I shall provide a brief overview of what has transpired for those who visit this thread to learn.

Reference No.1. = D/2018/163367. This matter was reported in 2011 and never acted upon. The POI (Person of Interest) is a convicted paedophile by the name of Peter Edwards. Edwards was a Principal at Leeton High School. Newspaper articles about the convicted paedophile are available online. I made contact with the victim and was assured that Police had indeed (finally) acted upon the Mandatory Report information.

Reference No.2. = D/2018/396231. This matter relates to my name being published in a local newspaper. The article is available online. The article was published as a result of my becoming a public Child Abuse Whistleblower. I was never spoken to about why I became public. I was never interviewed as part of the journalists research.

Reference No.3. = D/2018/512345. This matter involves abuse to a child with a permanent injury. The very same medical and other information and evidence, has also been forwarded to the Department of Public Prosecutions.

Am still waiting for responses from two professional agencies. It would appear that the administrative and legislative systems that are in place - actually work. I will share two small personal comments from recent correspondence. Please understand the need for brevity and thus such scant details. With the advent of professional address to the issues I have raised, it is now plausible that proper investigations will be conducted and malfeasance practiced since 2011 will be brought into the light.

Quote One: "As I stated in writing, in recent hard copy correspondence to you Commissioner, I have for seven years and continuing, always communicated in an academic, intellectually appropriate and non threatening manner."

Quote Two: "I do what I do simply because;

If my life had not been destroyed, I would not be engaged in my current Child Abuse Whistleblower journey. Simply put, those who sought to destroy my life, did just that but they also provided me with an opportunity to discover the current legislative system will work but it has to be made to work. I have also discovered the flaws in the system and understand full well how the legislation and administrative protocols can be circumvented."

Thank you for the ongoing support I receive from local citizens and from members of the cyber community that is connected via the worldwideweb. Ongoing gratitude for my Underground Following who hold archived documents in trust. In the event that nay harm comes to me - the archive will be published via the worlwideweb. The archive contains not only my documents but documents shared with me from members of society.

When We Fail To Protect Children - We Fail To Have A Future.

Much Respect & Much Peace - Nydelig Unger You Are Not Nameless & You Are Not Forgotten - Amanda

NB: Please forgive the dearth of posts as I am working on my health. Still addressing matters concerned with Child Abuse but the need for discretion is the utmost importance. I do so want to share more and in time that will become possible. I will never damage the opportunity to see Child Abuse information and evidence investigated, compiled into a brief of evidenceand placed before a court or other professional arena. Disclosing information and evidence on the worldwideweb is the best method to ensure no justice is served. No professional arena could possibly give proper legal address to information and evidence once it has been shared with the public. Keep reading and keep learning. We are winning.
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