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Default Checking In

Due to the sensitivity of the subject of Child Abuse, particularly as a recognised Australian Child Abuse Whistleblower - I am unable to publish current documentation. At least not until legal boundaries cease to be of concern.

In the interim:

The Australian Government recently, as reported in March 2018 via mainstream media, have decided to spend an enormous amount of money fighting the epidemic/pandemic that is paedophilia.

As I continue to work behind the scenes, as it were, as a recognised Australian Child Abuse Whistleblower. I would encourage the public to open up a discussion on Child Abuse. Keep the lines of communication open - that is how we learn particularly about difficult to face subjects.

The issue of Child Abuse, all abuse, not just sexual based abuse, is a serious and huge topic. The topic is sensitive and should lead to a personal, societal and global conflagration of information and evidence.

Let's be the voice for All Children - until they find their Own.

Much Respect & Much Peace - Amanda

NB: The mainstream news source had the title: Government's $70 million crackdown on paedophiles - 10.22am 25th March 2018 via 9news on the worldwideweb.
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