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Originally Posted by iamawaveofthesea View Post
FFwd 12' 00 to 'Founder member of the CIA' Miles Copeland

This dreadful man In a 1986 Rolling Stone interview stated:

"Unlike The New York Times, Victor Marchetti and Philip Agee, my complaint has been that the CIA isn't overthrowing enough anti-American governments or assassinating enough anti-American leaders, but I guess I'm getting old."

Miles Copeland was father of Stuart Copeland (The Police drummer) music manager Miles Copeland III, booking agent Ian Copeland, writer/film producer Lorraine (Lennie) Copeland all done quite well in the Zionist controlled industries..

many early links to Syria and Iran in his days

It is patently clear these monsters in the 'Intelligence Services' (oxymoron) are basically in control and the puppet politicians Do as they are told!!
''Media control is still based in the main on cultural manipulation. It's just so easy to do. When you set up one set of objectives toward the public and you've given them a certain definition for each code word, you hit them with the various code words and they're not going to believe anything if you don't want them to." Bowie

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