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‘Prolonged breakdown’ between MI5, MI6 over war on terror
Tue May 31, 2016 11:40PM

MI5 chief Eliza Manningham-Buller wrote a letter to Blair, slashing MI6’s rendition operations, leading to the torture of the suspects as part of the so-called war on terror, saying they were endangering the agency’s spies and other assets, the Guardian reveled, citing Whitehall sources Tuesday.

Belhaj (pictured below) was injected with “truth serum” and was tortured by the CIA before he was flown, along with his family, to the Libyan capital, where he was initially interrogated by British officers.

MI6 cooperation with the Libyan intelligence led to the arrest. The spy agency also updated their Libyan friends about the French and Moroccan aliases used by Belhaj five days ahead of the flight.

“I wasn’t allowed a bath for three years and I didn’t see the sun for one year,” he said. “They hung me from the wall and kept me in an isolation cell. I was regularly tortured.”

He added that he was “very surprised that the British got involved in what was a very painful period in my life.”
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