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“Britain’s Biggest Traitor” Kim Philby says spying is easy when you’re upper class (VIDEO)
April 8th, 2016 Elizabeth Mizon Elizabeth Mizon

Journalist and author Owen Jones describes this setup in his book ‘The Establishment‘. He argues that rather than a secret conspiratorial effort, the establishment is more or less a bunch of people with power who want to hold on to that power. It follows that a lot of those people are born into the power they’re guarding – members of the ‘upper classes’. In addition, the establishment is partly formed by those from the working and middle classes who have risen to prominence through business acumen and acceptance of the culture of the establishment (a culture Jones and others call neoliberal.) This corporate culture holds profit, and the power it brings, as its highest value. As long as one appears to have the ability to manage their role as a ‘good businessperson’ should – with all the assumptions and connotations both words entail – they are fit for the job.

There is much more to class and social mobility than simply personal finances, of course. Much of it is cultural, and that is well represented in the ease of interaction, social capital and recognition of status that Philby used to infiltrate the government. Much of the time, those who don’t conform to the rules of the elite, neoliberal, establishment class will be ousted from positions of authority, if they manage to gain them at all.
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