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Originally Posted by polyhedron View Post
Important stuff #1,2&3 posts that everyone who wants some kind of existential existence needs to be revised up on. People need to think about these matters instead of their day jobs.

BTW, the secret to keeping a job is to make it brazenly clear in your actions and attitude that the position you hold in the company bares no significance to you at all. So many people are intimidated at their work which makes them into expendable fodder for the meat factory they're in. I have never been sacked from a single job except in three cases where I could not be bothered to actually leave and wanted to see how long it would take the owners to finally tell me they had no work for me. But that was casual labour. In a multi level company, people are so full of BS that they will promote you the less you care to be there and they can never believe that you would actually turn around and walk out on them, probably because so few people have it in them to do it.

Everyone is terrified of not conforming. They are addicted to conformity. Their instinct is, the harder they are beat up, the more they conform. Whip them, give them crap food, piss on them, and they conform. Look at all those battered housewife victims and how they kept returning to the abuser. This is the mystery. Why do battered and abused people keep seeking out more abuse for themselves? The more you beat these people, the more obedient they become. There are very few people for whom such a spell backfires.

In the end you have to challenge the victims and the targets of the abuse. Ask them, why do you stand ther and take all this? And you have to realise that they expect you to take abuse too, and they don't like people who don't lie down and take it. Can you believe it? They are out to martyr themselves. I think we can free ourselves only, but we cannot take passengers. But, by freeing ourselves others may be encouraged to do the same. So it is worth speaking loudly and clearly. Wherever I go I am brazen in my attitude that I could not care less whether I have friends or enemies. In most cases, perhaps all cases, I prefer to have enemies instead of friends.

Most people are terrified of having enemies and go around loving everybody no matter how abusive they are in return. They spend their time being nice to scum while ignoring those who are good. Everyone pays too much attention to the attention seeking scum and none to those who should be getting all the attention. They let the good starve and die while they maintain the welfare and living standards of mass murderers. Try and get that bit of truth to stick in their faces.
One of the programmes above mentions a factor of human psychology where many people will tend to look the other way in order to have an easier life and that is what the dirty tricks people rely on

Concerning abuse i think people will put up with it for different reasons. In the relationship context you mention i think people will put up with a lot of crap they otherwise wouldn't put up with when children are involved so they stick it out in toxic relationships for the childrens sake but some relationships can be saved and others cannot

Abuse in the context of the work of the clips, the third one looks at a guy who committed suicide because he was upset by what was going on at work but could not talk to his wife because he was bound under the offical secrets act

The pressure built up inside him and eventually he cracked. Prior to that he had an out of character outburst where he strangled the family cat which his widow was baffled by because otherwise he loved animals. I guess pressure can do funny things to people.

Abuse in terms of the state abusing the workers is an old dynamic but as a rule of thumb people tend to revolt when their food costs get to about 40% of their income by which point it is getting closer to a matter of survival because they are on the brink of losing their shelter, food and fuel

There is an ideological drive at the moment to create what Icke calls the 'hunger games society' and the wealth of the public is being destroyed deliberately and by design. This puts what i've called the 'squeeze' on people which puts them under more pressure. This will then impact on all areas of their life and can lead to tensions between men and women leading to relationship breakups which is all part of the agenda of replacing the parents with the state. I've explored that in my 'possible solutions' thread

More and more people are feeling the squeeze
when the people in power want you dead, just existing is a revolutionary act

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