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After dark episode on secrets....taken off youtube. A BS explanation being given about 'copyright'

This episode has less juicy content but still covers some interesting ground for example how members of the public are unfairly smeared in their state files which can then cause them problems throughout their lives (a very vindictive act) for example not being able to gain employment due to blackballing

A scandal came out in recent years involving an industry black ball list of workers who had been involved in trade union activity who were then unable to get a job within the industy. That list was then exposed

This eposide also has the reticent Colin wallace who largely dissapoints considering the things he knows. He was involved in black ops in northern ireland which then saw him being fitted up for a murder of which he was later acquited after 6 years in jail because he went public over the use of child abuse for political blackmail

This clip can be watched here:
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