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After dark- British Intelligence


@14 mins an ex GCHQ operative says in his opinion and from his extensive experience within the system people tend to do things more for personal reasons than for national reasons (ie the national interest)

@ 17 mins he mentions the problems of corruption and also blackmail

@18 mins he says that politicians tended to use the intelligence services not so much for the national interests but more to score points against their political opponents ie politicking. he says that national security is being harmed by politicians

@37 mins they get into the kincora scandal

@1 hour and 37 mins they get into the conservative cover up of kincora (thatcher blocked the investigation)

@ 1 hour 36 mins they discuss the british obsession with secrets

@ 1 hour 56 they discuss the role of private firms in security which you can see today in the widespread use of 'private defence contractors' at great expense to the public purse because then governments don't need to worry about a public backlash at soldiers being killed (only mercenaries who are themselves ex soldiers anyway!)

A mention is made of the power of the nuclear power industry and Icke links the rothschilds to that. The persecution and even mysterious deaths of anti-nuclear protestors is discussed

@3 hours where a labour activist says that the state is the labour partys enemy but that labour has never acknowledged that

I would argue to that journalist that the reason for that is that the top labour people are all fabians who are in league with the authoritarians on both sides of the spectrum and that the 'two party' system is merely a false left/right paradigm, hegelian dialectic controlled by the cabal to steer society in the direction it wants it to go in

when the people in power want you dead, just existing is a revolutionary act

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